Oliver Sherwood - Founder & COO

Oliver Sherwood - Founder & COO

About Us

Drivert was founded on our desire to help people. It was launched in Calgary by a team passionate about technology, advertising, and vehicles. We have combined these passions to give drivers a new and innovative way to earn extra income while advertising in Calgary. 

Our goals:

  • To help people earn extra money.

  • To make our drivers feel that they are a part of something bigger.

  • To provide people with the opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

We have been in the position of struggle - wondering about how to cover our monthly living costs. While we recognize that there are other driver based services out there, Drivert provides the tools for our drivers to make cash without going out of their way, or investing too much extra time.

In addition to helping individuals, we are committed to help charities within the local communities. We donate $100 for every campaign we complete! 

Why this form of advertising?

During university our founder was always an avid car fan, attending events and following car news intensely. It was this passion that noticed the effectiveness of mobile advertisements. We would notice a wrapped vehicle driving past, standing out and catching our attention. Drivert utilizes this dramatically underutilized form of advertising paired with advance GPS to allow any and all brands to spread their message.

The desire to help both drivers and brands, combined with a passion for another on wheels, Drivert Inc. was born.

Follow us on our amazing adventure and the stories that go along with it!

Got questions? Free feel to contact us!