FAQ’s - Drivers


What is Drivert?

Drivert is a Calgary based automotive advertising company that helps drives awareness to businesses through the use of wrapped vehicles. Driver’s are able to earn every month they have a campaign placed onto their vehicle.

when and how do drivers get paid?

Driver’s only get paid when they are driving with a campaign on their vehicle. Driver’s do not get paid to be within the driver’s pool or to just sign-up, Once drivers are selected for a campaign, driver are paid via a direct deposit at the end of every month of the campaign. Please note: drivers are not employees and are responsible for reporting all earnings to the applicable governing body for tax purposes.

can any vehicle get wrapped?

Most vehicles can; however, we do not accept Hummers, VW Beetles or Jeep Wranglers. This is because of the complexity of the outside shape and door frames. It would be possible but it would take us a few days to complete, which you don’t want.

Who can sign-up?

We do have set requirements within the Drivers page. Drivert has a diversified pool of people ranging from engineers to stay at home moms. To meet our driver requirements, you must have a clean drivers records, 2009 or newer vehicle, 21 years old or older, no criminal history and driver over 900km a month.

Do I have to pay anything to get started?

NOPE! We know there have been scams in the past where people were required to pay an up-front fee to get started. This is never the case with a legitimate advertising company.

am I considered an employee?

No. Drivers are not considered employees of either Drivert or of any advertising brand placed upon their vehicle. All drivers are independent contractors and are responsible for reporting all earnings for tax purposes.

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