What is Drivert?

We are an automotive advertising company based in Calgary that provides our service across all of Canada. We wrap vehicles to display your brand's messages in geographic areas of interest. 

How does it work?

To begin the process, we work with you to understand your campaign goals. We will make a recommendation regarding number of vehicles, type of vehicles, wrap level, and duration. A minimum of 10 vehicle per campaign is required; however, it is beneficial to add more vehicles for larger campaigns.

Once confirmed, Drivert then screens though our driver pool to choice the correct drivers who operate within your target area along with meeting out quality requirements. We then complete 3 draft designs of what your campaign could look like using your logo, colour scheme and slogans.

At the start date, the driver's bring their vehicles to our installers to be wrapped with your advertisement. The vehicles are then returned to the drivers, and your campaign beings to generate powerful impressions for the coming months. With the installed GPS, statistics are then reported back to you month, with a detailed report at the end of the campaign.  

Who are the drivers that sign-up?

Our drivers range from doctors to construction workers, stay at home moms to engineers. All drivers meet our quality requirements regarding both their driving style and vehicle. All vehicles must be in excellent visual and mechanical condition to ensure your brand is reflected effectively.

How are drivers picked for a campaign?

We research into our ever expanding drivers pool and selecting drivers who pair with the brand partners advertising requirements. We consider the type of vehicle, campaign length and geographical areas to make the driver selection.

Can we pick or provide drivers?

Sorry but no, this is due to the privacy portion within the drivers contracts. You are able to recommend what type of vehicle (car, SUV, truck or van) you’d would prefer but Drivert will select the drivers.

What if the driver commits road rage or cuts someone off?

Our initial questionnaire and drivers record decreases the chance of this from occurring; however, it does occur as drivers are human. On every wrapped vehicle, we place Driverts number on the rear of the vehicle. If a complaint is received, we investigate the complaint and notify you about the issue. If an act of recklessness is found via the GPS data, the driver is removed from the campaign and is charged for the removal. The driver is then removed from the drivers pool and we the work with the you to either replace them with another driver or pro-rate one less car for the campaign. 

How is the wrap designed and installed?

Car wrap designs are a unique set of skills within the graphic design world. Designs have to be considered in 3-dimensions and how graphics will be applied on non-flat surfaces like door handles, bumper, side panels and other design features. Unless you have a designer with experience in car wrapping, we would recommend using our in-house designer.

How long does it take to set-up a campaign?

Typically we need a month to set-up campaigns, select drivers and get everything ready to go.  We typically would need two weeks to select the correct driver and another two weeks for design and installation of the wrap.

What is the legal arrangement between the driver and the advertising brand?

All drivers are hired as independent contractors. The drivers are not employees of Drivert nor the brand they are representing. All drivers are contracted to the rights to advertise brand partners messages on the side of the vehicle.  

What is your pricing model?

Pricing is based on the level of wrap (side, half, or full) and campaign length with a minimum of 5 vehicles. 

For specific pricing, email admin@drivert.ca