Driving business to your brand:

Advertising your message on vehicles


extreme targeting

Place your campaigns in multiple areas at one time to target your demographic. Unlike a billboard than relies on your customer coming to it, Drivert brings your brand to them.


Cost effective

Research indicates vehicle advertising has the potential to generate over 30,000 impressions per day*. This means Driverts advertising medium is the most cost effective form of any outdoor advertising.


Community oriented

Not only is your brand utilizing an underutilizing advertising medium, but you’ll be helping people in your community. Drivert utilizes local drivers within your area and give them the opportunity to be their own boss.


Live campaign tracking

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Our Tech

  • Real-time GPS to see where your campaign is at all times;

  • Statistical impression algorithm to calculate your campaign success;

  • Heat mapping shows the most visited areas of your ads;

  • Geo-Fencing allow use to hyper-target your demographic;

  • Drivers scores ensure all drivers are acting in a safe, legal and ethical manner.

Reach more customers for your investment

Our Benefit

  • Mobile billboards generate 2.5 x more attention than static billboards;

  • Mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate compared to only 58% of people remembering online ads;

  • Your campaign is at the eye level of future consumers making it an effective and safe form of advertisement;

  • Your campaign can be up-scaled at any point across any of the available cities. With Drivers being added everyday, Drivert is perfect for your local or national campaign;

  • Drivert pricing model includes design, install, driver selection, GPS tracking, statistical analysis and reporting.

Being part of the community

Our People

Drivert was started to help a family member after hearing about their struggles with monthly vehicle expenses. By advertising through Drivert, not only are you getting your brand in the areas you require, but you’ll also be helping the people within your community.

We also provide a $100 voucher at the end of every campaign to donate to one of your favourite charity through Good Pin. Your brand will be exposed to you customers and help out some local organizations!

Ready to drive awareness to your brands?